Roulette Online Project

We would like to update you on the current status of the CodeWorker project. Since our announcement of the temporary break, we were forced to put on the project, a few exciting things happened. Nothing is officially signed yet so we can not make a public announcement at this point, but things look rather promising right now and we are confident that the CodeWorker project can continue. When we said that if we get contacted by a serious programmer we are willing to share the source code, we meant it.

The roots of CodeWorker are deeply buried in the online gambling industry. It actually was a cooperation of several online casino providers and operators because those companies needed a tool that can do more than just run as a CGI program, a tool that can take care of several programs at the same time so when players play Roulette online they have a frictionless and smooth gameplay experience. Codeworker was aimed to create code to not only create a website but also to manage it. Only in the online casino industry, you have a constant high amount of traffic at the same time that needs to be managed and diverted without overloading the capacities of the servers or the website itself. Online casino providers experience such a situation on a daily basis, for example, when a lot of players want to play Roulette online and at the same time there is another huge amount of players who want to play a specific slot game, then the traffic needs to be managed and diverted. In theory, our programmers could do that and create a solution using CodeWorker.

But it is also true that our young and enthusiastic team of programmers needed a strong partner by their side. It was at that point simply impossible for us to realize such a task because CodeWorker was just a small project developed by a few guys. We just did not have the means nor the time to actually do all those things the online casino industry asked us to do. So how come CodeWorker became a real project after all? Several of the online casino providers started to support us and not only financially. I guess it is safe to say that without all those players, who play Roulette online, we could have never done it. It was a pure win-win situation and suddenly there were a few online casino operators who jumped into the project as well.

I guess the big question you are asking yourself now is, how come we had to pull the plug at the project? Well the task was finished at one point and there was simply no more need for us and CodeWorker and even after trying for a while to find a new industry who might need our help, we turned out empty-handed. Maybe there was just nobody else out there besides the Roulette online players who needed a software and code solution as we could provide? But things seem to change again and we might be able to make an official announcement very soon, stay tuned.