Online Casino India Organization Taking It To The Next Level

The online casino India organization which represents a large group of the online casinos operating in India have decided to take their platforms to the next level.

To increase revenue from the Indian online casino market the online casino websites in India had to make various improvements. 2of the improvements being usability and performance.

The majority of the online casino players in India play casino games from the comfort of their smartphone but due to the different economic situation in India compared to Western countries the mobile device market look very different.

The online casino platforms and casino games were orginially developed to cater to online casino players based in 1st world countries such as Sweden, Finland and Germany. The mobile phones that dominate the market in the aforementioned countries are not the market leaders in India due to the hefty price tag which these devices come with.

To increase the revenue from the online casino players in India the online casino India organization deemed it necessary to adapt the platforms and casino games better to the Indian online gambling market.

By working with the CodeWorker team we hope to improve the usability and performance of online casino games such as Roulette and Blackjack. By making the aforementioned improvements more people will be able to enjoy fun online casino games such as slot machines from their smartphones even though the hardware components are not the very latest or the most powerful.

The online gambling website Online Gambling Guru which is one of the largest online gambling websites in India have been pushing for the online casino india group to make online casinos and casino game developers aware of the big difference in devices on a country basis.

Already there have been a few tests done by the CodeWorker team on casino slot machines such as Mega Fortune and Starburst. Reviews of the updated online slot machines by Indian online casinos and their players have been very positive and revenue increases noticeable.

To quote the chairman of the online casino India group “Finally the online game companies are answering the calls from the members of online casinos India and making casino games more fun for Indian online casino game players”.

With pending launch of CodeWorker Pro even more improvements will be made to online casino slots like Mega Fortune, Arabian Nights and more. The Indian online casino players have a fun future ahead of themselves as well as the operators in the online casinos India group.