Download CodeWorker

We are sorry to inform you that due to lack of recent engagement in the CodeWorker project by it’s members and no new members joining the project in recent time we have been forced to close the CodeWorker project.

We have removed all of the download links for the different version of CodeWorker due to many instability issues with recent versions with Windows, Unix and Apple operated computers. We do not want the reputation of the CodeWorker project to be tarnished therefore did we decide to temporarily discontinue the possibility to download CodeWorker.

Should anyone be interested in reopening the CodeWorker project then nobody would be more happy than us. To get in touch with the members of the CodeWorker project to have the project reopened please send us an email with some information on who you are, your development qualifications and why you would like the CodeWorker project reopened.

If we get contacted by what we believe to be a serious and competent developer or individuals that compliment each other then we will be sharing the sacred source code to the CodeWorker project so that it can live on much longer.

Should you want to get ahold of the old versions of the CodeWorker project we could consider sending them if you can send us an email justifying why you would want them sent to you. A valid reason for wanting access to the old versions would for example be to see what instability issues would need to be resolved to have the CodeWorker project available to the public again.