Different Online Casinos Use Our Tools!

Our team at CodeWorker has created some incredible tools to help a variety of online websites succeed. Some of our clients are different online casinos that are well-known throughout the UK. Today, we’d like to share with you how different online casinos use our tools. Keep reading to find out more.

The needs of an online casino

Different online casinos have different needs surrounding players and managing their websites. For example, gambling websites all have different designs. All the elements of design are embedded and created within the code. We provide different coding languages and reusable features to help make it easier for website designers to build the casino platform. Ads, colour palettes, and page formatting can all be easily created and replicated throughout the sites.

Games are obviously important to different online casinos. Each game has unique code as well, which is purchased from the top software developers around the globe. These games have to blend seamlessly into each website’s build. This includes the importance of loading quickly and easily for all users and visitors of different online casinos.

Beyond that, there are many other features that must be considered. Banking is a crucial part of the success of any wagering platform. If payment methods don’t work, players will leave your website and visited different online casinos in search of better options. Customer service issues can also arise. If your live chat is non-functional, you’ll have a hard time keeping memberships.

How our tools help

We’ve got plenty of tools to help different online casinos achieve their unique goals. We’ll talk below about how integration and parsing elements can be combined to help you develop a stand-out website that’s sure to attract UK players.

Coders will benefit from Eclipse integration

Our CodeWorker team has designed a unique plugin that programmers for different online casinos can use. We know first-hand how difficult it can be to sort through thousands of lines of code. We’ve created a unique editor for each kind of script, which includes syntax highlighting. By seeing your code fully colour-coded, you can easily sift through code and make adjustments where necessary. This will allow you to streamline the process of laying out casino game navigation or fix issues with payment methods in a snap.

Parsing makes your life simpler

You’d struggle without proper parsing to aid you. This is why different online casinos rely on CodeWorker tools to help them parse out complicated pieces of code. Our tool creates a hierarchy for programmers when you feed nodes into the parser. This allows you to quickly tackle complicated projects, like adding the top online slots to your gambling website.

Source code generation

We find that different online casinos may want to migrate their website to a different coding language. Additionally, some of the best online casinos are housed under a large corporation. Certain successful pieces and layouts made need to be shared between the different online casinos, even though they were created in different languages. We can help you replicated important welcome bonus promotions and game design in a breeze by integrating the source code.

Parse to generation

By using CodeWorker, different online casinos can enjoy a seamless parse-to-generation process. Online slot games, customer support features, and promotions can all be easily added or transferred to your casino website. This is an excellent way to make sure your wagering platform is up and running in record time. You can be sure that your UK players have a truly enjoyable experience with fewer hiccups than ever before. Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time.