Code for a no deposit bonus Nederland 2020

Unfortunately, we cannot parse a language and generate a code for a no deposit bonus for you. We know that the title suggests as much, but we got something similar for you instead. Code Free Casino is our new partner and wants to offer all our relations a no deposit bonus Nederland 2020. We understand that you might wonder why the words Nederland and 2020 are behind the bonus. There’s a simple explanation for that. First of all, Code Free Casino focuses mainly on the Dutch market and secondly, the bonus is only available during the year 2020.

Code Free Casino

It’s actually not more than a coincidence that we partnered up with an online casino called Code Free. The casino chose this name because it was actually planning to give out free codes for casino bonuses on a regular basis. In the beginning, they decided to call the casino Codevrij Casino, which actually means free of codes in Dutch. But as the local legislation didn’t allow for that, they chose to go with the opposite name in a more universal language and adopt the opposite strategy; using a lot of bonus code instead of none. However, this plan failed. The casino launched with the name but soon realized that many codes were all but practical. First of all, a lot of players forget to insert the code and then complain about being entitled to the bonus anyway. This causes a lot of extra work for the support team that’s already quite busy. Secondly, not all bonus codes work correctly. And most importantly, not everybody knows how and where to fill in the code correctly. Which creates a lot of extra work and brings no extra value to anyone. So now the casino is code-free with an appropriate name.

Codeworker meets casino

Code Free Casino actually came to us because they needed to make some changes in the language they used for their online casino. We couldn’t help them as we were too busy, but we started talking about both our businesses. It wasn’t long before Code Free Casino suggested a collaboration. And we were all ears. The partnership ended up being better for us and our customers, so we are on the winning end. Like mentioned before, all our website visitors are entitled to a no deposit bonus Nederland 2020.

Dutch casino players

As Code Free Casino is focused mainly on the Dutch market, it might be seen as logical that its players get a slightly bigger benefit than players from other countries. The Dutch casino no deposit bonus consists of two parts; 15 free spins and €15 bonus money. Players from other countries only get the 15 free spins. However, these players only have to wager their winnings 5 times, which is extremely little for a no deposit bonus. And orange players, who get a lot more, need to wager the bonus 25 times. They do get 3 months’ time, where international players get only 15 days.

Casino advice

The most important thing about playing in a casino is that you should have fun at all times. As long as you have fun and don’t wager more money than you can afford, you are fine. Then you can enjoy all the games Code Free Casino has to offer. We wish you the best of luck.